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Ancillary Products

Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation

We offer two Partners for our Pay-As-You-Go service:

Program Benefits

  • Save Time and Money
  • Now Down Payment
  • No Estimate Premiums
  • Competitive Rates
  • No Checks to Write
  • No Monthly Audit Reports
  • Internal Audit Process

Labor Law Posters

Pay-As-You-Go Poster

Flexible Spending Accounts

When it comes to benefits - we have you covered. We offer both managed services as well as the technology to assist with all things benefits.

iSolved Benefits Enrollment:
Our Human Capital Management (HCM) technology, iSolved, helps smooth out the complex task of managing your workforce benefits. The iSolved enrollment process increases employee engagement, and includes checks and reporting to help smooth out the complexities of your open enrollment period. We work hand in hand with your broker and will ensure your employees have the information they need to properly and efficiently manage their benefit selections.

Managed Benefit Services:
Infinisource offers a comprehensive suite of managed benefit services that can be purchased stand alone, or as part of a bundle with your iSolved HCM technology. Our services include COBRA Flexible Benefits, Premium Only Plan (POP), and Blanket Notices & Mailings.

Whatever your benefit administration needs are, Infinisource helps you manage them.


Continuing legislative changes are making COBRA harder to administer, not easier. With the right benefits partner, you can spend your time managing your workforce, not administering COBRA. A preferred partner with iSolved, Infinisource Benefit Services ensures Open Enrollment, State Continuation, USERRA, and Eligibility are all handled properly. COBRA and other services can be purchased stand alone, or as part of a bundle with your iSolved HCM technology.

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