MercForce® Applicant Tracking + Onboarding

Finding, hiring and keeping the right people is a universal challenge for growing companies.

With MercForce, you can fully optimize the way you handle new hire paperwork by eliminating it! Automated recruiting allows job postings to multiple sites at once, to quickly rate candidates so you can focus on only the best candidates. Once the preferred applicants are selected, electronic onboarding speeds through the hiring process, simplifying what used to take hours or even days for just a single hire.


Manage multiple job listing and descriptions from your Mercforce dashboard. Focus only on the best candidates and quickly process applicants through our paperless and fully automated process once hired.


Candidates complete new hire documentation and forms via a private link and cannot proceed until all requested data is provided. Use electronic signatures for approvals and binding agreements.


Seamlessly manage the onboarding process using a single platform. Manage workflow automation by collecting, tracking and storing all completed forms and documents, including I-9 and E-Verify Documentation.