Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Let's Listen and Build Together

“Racism is a debilitating disease that destroys the fabric of our communities. It is our collective problem and it cannot be allowed to continue. We must all work together to make things change, with each of us in our own way taking some action to help make a difference. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion must be a way of life for us all. It is only when we are open and accepting of the differences that make us all beautiful and unique individuals will we be able to treat one another with the respect and decency that each person deserves. The change starts with ALL of us." - Bob Kaminski | Mercantile Bank CEO

A Common Goal

Employees of Mercantile Bank of Michigan subscribe to a common goal: To make this the best bank it can possibly be. Diversity is an asset in the pursuit of this goal. Employees with dissimilar backgrounds, perspectives, opinions and lifestyles help us understand the motivations and desires of our many different customers. Thus, we will strive to maintain a workforce that reflects the increasing diversity of the communities we serve.

Each member of our workforce shall be accorded the utmost respect. All will be given equal opportunity and encouragement to achieve their full potential. Cooperation and teamwork will be valued as much as individual growth and contribution.

Because a diverse workforce brings with it a diverse set of needs, we prefer to address individual situations rather than impose blanket policies. First and foremost, we will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.

In order to ensure a comfortable working environment for all, we ask each employee to consider these simple truths: Words can inflict damage; kindness repays itself a thousand-fold; the most enlightening place to stand is in another's shoes; and ultimately, none of us are so different after all.

We believe embracing human diversity makes us a better bank. We know it makes us better people.

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