Information Reporting + Fraud Mitigation Services

  • Ensure your accounts are protected from unauthorized check activity. Through check positive pay, Mercantile can match amount, date, and payee name on checks. Check items are compared on a daily basis—if exceptions are found, we will notify authorized individuals via email or text alert of the need to review items for validity.

    Watch the video below for a quick tour.

  • Minimize fraud with ACH positive pay. This service allows you to monitor and be alerted to all ACH activity—both credits and debits—so you can make secure and safe decisions. Any items that do not match designated criteria are flagged as exceptions to authorized individuals in the same manner as check positive pay.

    Watch the video below for a quick tour.

  • Ensure your idle cash balances are systematically managed on a daily basis, maximizing available dollars for your businesses needs. From zero balance accounts to overnight investment options to loan sweep services, Mercantile has a solution to meet your needs.

  • Business online banking offers balance reporting services of current day and intra day account activity. Enjoy the convenience of easy access to bank statements, as well as export options for account activity and transaction image access for checks, deposit tickets, and deposited items.

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