Our Approach to Business Solutions

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't even work when buying a hat. So why should we expect it to in business banking?

Since inception, Mercantile has been built around the needs of its customers—and not the other way around. Started by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, we've never lost the focus that made us one of the region's best business partners—our customers and their success.

Our business experts offer all the tools one would expect from a truly integrated financial and business partner. However, it's our service and unique approach to addressing the needs of our customers that sets us apart. From helping you establish a wide variety of business accounts, to our wide range of lending capabilities designed to help you manage growth and cash flow, we can craft the perfect solution for your unique business needs.

Building Partnerships

We're committed to partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs across Michigan to empower them to do what they do best.

Customized Solutions

The Mercantile team will help you find the right solutions to fit your needs while ensuring minimal disruption and downtime during the implementation period.

Leveraging Success

Every business has unique needs and our commitment to top—quality service means we're here for the long haul, helping to position our customers for success.

We're Ready When You Are

You won't find a more personal experience than the one at Mercantile Bank. Get in touch and we'll get moving.

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