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Security Center

Mercantile Bank is committed to helping its customers maintain a safe and secure online experience. Our security center makes it easy to find information and recommendations on securing your computer and protecting your personal information.

Mercantile Website Security

Mercantile Bank has purchased an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate for the website, which provides an additional layer of protection. This enables customers to trust that the Mercantile Bank site is what it claims to be, rather than a fraudulent mirror site operated by perpetrators of phishing schemes. This is new technology designed specifically to address widespread phishing schemes that have been targeting the financial services industry.

When you visit a site with this new EV SSL Certificate, new high-security browsers will trigger the address bar to turn green and display the name of the organization listed in the certificate as well as the Certificate Authority as shown below:

Mercantile Internet Banking Multifactor Authentication

Mercantile Bank has instituted additional technologies to help protect you against multiple forms of fraud. Upon your initial login into the online banking or mobile systems you will be presented a Temporary Access Code (TAC). The TAC can be received as a phone call or text. For convenience, you are offered the ability to register any and as many devices as you desire. After which we will recognize your device and you will no longer be required to enter a TAC upon subsequent logins on those devices. However, if you desire added security, refrain from registering any device to continue to receive a TAC upon subsequent logins. Note: On our website, Mercantile Bank will never ask you for your, Social Security Number, Credit, Debit or ATM Card numbers or your PIN.

Mercantile Privacy Policy

Trusteer Rapport Security Software

Free online fraud protection from Mercantile Bank and Trusteer.

Online security is more important than ever and sometimes antivirus software and a firewall aren´t enough to protect you from online fraud and phishing attacks. Mercantile Bank is partnering with Trusteer, Inc. to offer you a free online fraud software application that helps to safeguard your account by protecting your web browser from online threats.

Read more about Trusteer Rapport Security Software

Other Resources

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Report Fraud

Fraudulent emails & websites:

Internet Fraud Compliant Center - www.ics.gov

Lost or stolen debit/ATM cards:

During Bank Hours: 616.406.3870
During Non-Bank Hours: 844.646.5468

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Lost or stolen credit cards:

During Bank Hours: 616.406.3870
During Non-Bank Hours: 866.839.3485

Mercantile Bank Loss Prevention Department:

West Region: 616.406.3785
Central Region: 989.268.9406

Mercantile Bank Online Support: