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Secure Email

Mercantile Bank has implemented a Secure Email system. This system allows emails to be encrypted before being sent over the Internet so that only the intended recipient will be able to open the message.

Access Your Secure Email

Receiving and Replying to Secure Email from Mercantile Bank:

The link below will instruct new users how to register, receive and reply to secure emails from Mercantile Bank.
Mercantile Bank Secure Email Client User Information

If you need to login to retrieve a secure email, please choose "Login to Other Services" and then "Secure Email" from the purple Login box at the top of the screen.

Initiating and Sending Secure Email to Mercantile Bank:

Once you have received a secure email from Mercantile Bank and have registered and received a user ID and password, you will be able to initiate and send secure emails to Mercantile Bank by selecting 'Secure Email' from the Login to Other Services option within the Login box.

Report Fraud

Fraudulent emails & websites:
Internet Fraud Compliant Center
- www.ics.gov

Suspicious online transactions?

Mercantile Bank Loss Prevention Department:
West Region: 616.406.3785
Central Region: 989.268.9406

Lost or stolen debit/ATM cards:
During Bank Hours: 616.406.3870
During Non-Bank Hours: 800.472.3272

Lost or stolen credit cards:
During Bank Hours: 616.406.3870
During Non-Bank Hours: 866.839.3485

Mercantile Bank Online Support: