MercForce® Payroll + Tax

You run your business. Let your payroll run itself.

Made for your businesses. Built from the cloud. MercForce® integrates with your other business processes to make payroll efficient, accurate, and easier than ever. Mercantile is among only a few banks in the country offering this comprehensive, robust human capital management tool. Just another proof point, that we are "here to get you there.®"

Complete Access

Our cloud-based technology means your data is available anywhere, anytime. Access your secured data when you need it from the office, home, or from our convenient mobile app. With MercForce®, actionable information is always at your fingertips.

Taxes—Taken Care Of

With Mercforce®, you don't have to worry about the complexities of multi-state tax filing. MercForce® can easily track national and individual state employment requirements for you. Whether your business is local or spread across multiple states, MercForce® has you covered.

Pay with Cards

Replace paper checks with a safer, cheaper option—MercForce® Payroll Cards. Eliminate the costs associated with producing paper checks and any check-cashing fees your employees may encounter. Payroll cards are the perfect option for part time or seasonal workers who are unable to take advantage of direct deposit or other methods of payment.

Incredibly Secure

Rest assured, employee data is locked down and highly protected. Redundant hosting environments and secure separate employer/employee logins insures that potentially sensitive materials can only be accessed by appropriate parties and will be stored securely and ready to be accessed whenever you desire.

Get Started With MercForce®

Interested in learning more about how MercForce® can help? Contact us to set up a private demo custom designed to address your organization's unique requirements.

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