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Mercantile Bank's MercForce® is the cloud-based, accessible anywhere, anytime, people and business management tool you've been waiting for! Powered by iSolved, MercForce® is the flexible, intuitive human capital management solution that will make you wonder how you ever got by without it.

Master Payroll + Tax

Whether you employ four or four thousand, have locations spread across the state or across the country, MercForce® is here to take care of the complexities associated with supervising payroll and taxes for any size business.

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Get a Handle on Human Resources

Employees are often your greatest asset. If so, MercForce® is a close second. From hiring and training to compensation and beyond, MercForce® frees up owners and managers to focus more on their business and less on navigating government regulation and red tape.

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Administer Benefits (Like a Boss!)

MercForce® is the perfect partner for organizations who offer and maintain a collection of benefits to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. Our self-serve solution provides employees the information and forms they are looking for, and promotes a seamless benefit management experience for employee and employer alike.

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Tackle Time + Attendance

Maximize your organizational effectiveness and gain the insights you need for success. Oversee schedules, monitor attendance and optimize labor costs from your desk, laptop or anywhere via our mobile app.

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Applicant Tracking + Onboarding

Finding, hiring and keeping the right people is a universal challenge for growing companies. With MercForce, you can fully optimize the way you handle new hire paperwork by eliminating it!

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Every Tool Works Together.

The beauty of MercForce® is integration-individual tools, connected and working as one. Plus, it's fully scalable, so it grows along with you. And with a wide array of available a la carte options to choose from, you can get the exact plan your business needs-nothing more, nothing less-whenever you add benefits to better serve your growing workforce.

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