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What happens next?

Our goal is to provide exactly what your business needs to thrive. That’s why we’ll sit down, understand your HR processes and form a completely customized plan. Every business is different, so we never take the same approach twice. Here’s each step of our process.


Where is your company now—and where do you see it going? How many employees do you need to get there? What benefits are you currently offering and what new benefits would you like to offer to attract and retain only the best and brightest? We’ll review your current processes, ask key questions, and together, craft a custom solution built especially for you.


Our team will get together, strategize and form a recommended plan based on what we learned. No two companies are exactly alike, so why should benefits administration be limited to choice “A’ or “B?” Our team of professionals will craft the right solution for your company, not what’s best for ours.


See for yourself how MercForce™ can positively impact your business with a custom demo. A MercForce™ expert will walk you through our solution and highlight the functions that have the greatest potential for your company right now, as well as down the road.


Once you’ve reviewed the quote and give us the thumbs up, we’ll have MercForce™ running in no time. We provide the solution you need and all the training and support required to begin maximizing your organizations effectiveness almost immediately. And because we have a local presence, we’re never too far away or uninvolved to help when needed.

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