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Here it is. It's time. Your first home. Don't be nervous — you've got this! And we've got financing options for you.

First, start with finding the right lender. At Mercantile Bank we'll pair you with the lender that's right for you — someone who sticks by your side from start to finish.

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Next, know your options. Mercantile offers a variety of mortgage programs aimed at providing you the right mortgage to fit your needs. After getting to know your needs, one of our lenders will help you find the features, rate and type of mortgage that works best for you.

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Then, let us help. Obtaining a mortgage is not difficult when you have the right lender that takes time to explain the process along the way.

Finally, celebrate. You've dreamt about your first home and now it's yours. Mercantile Bank will continue to be there to make sure all your mortgage questions are answered.

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You won't find a more personal loan experience than the one at Mercantile Bank. Get in touch and we'll get moving.

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