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Mercantile Virtual Gift Card

A Mercantile Virtual Gift Card is always the right size! $10.00, $21.00, $28.52. Any denomination you need. The virtual gift card works just like a pre-paid card but more secure. And there is no fee (for the purchaser or the receiver). You send it...they spend it!

How it works

  1. Use MercMobile to send money to anyone with an email address or mobile number.
  2. The recipient receives an email or text notification that money has been received, and how to claim it.
  3. The recipient can login to PayPal.com to claim the money. If their mobile number and/or email used for the payment is tied to a PayPal account, the funds are immediately available. If they don't have a PayPal account, it's easy, free and secure to sign up and claim the funds.
  4. The funds are available to spend from their PayPal account, or the recipient can choose to forward the funds to a bank account.
  5. Download and print one of the gift cards below to present to the recipient (optional).

The pdfs below are available for you to download and print. Include them with a greeting card - or on their own to notify the recipient of the gift, and tell them how to claim the funds. The perfect last minute gift!


birthday card
Click above to download


birthday card with candles
Click above to download


gift card
Click above to download

Father's Day

Fathers day card
Click above to download


graduation card
Click above to download


wedding card
Click above to download

Mother's Day

mothers day card
Click above to download