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fraud protection

Free Online Fraud Protection from Mercantile Bank and Trusteer

Combat online fraud and boost your browser security

Online security is more important than ever and sometimes antivirus software and a firewall aren´t enough to protect you from online fraud and phishing attacks. Mercantile Bank is partnering with Trusteer, Inc. to offer you a free online fraud software application that helps to safeguard your account by protecting your web browser from online threats.

Trusteer Rapport is a security software application that protects browser sessions with any website that contains private or personal information. It´s entirely transparent and runs in the background of your web browser so you won´t have to change the way you work or sign into accounts. No configuration or maintenance is required once Rapport is installed on your computer.


  • Shields your personal and online banking information from prying eyes
  • Safeguards your identity
  • Protects you by picking up where conventional security software may fail
  • Downloading Trusteer Rapport is safe, easy and free
  • Watch this video to learn more

Compatibility and System Requirements:

Rapport connects to our Online Banking security system and works with your computer's existing security to provide additional layers of protection. Rapport is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and a variety of web browsers. Visit www.trusteer.com/support/supported-platforms-faq for a full list of requirements and supported platforms.

Support and Resources

Contact Mercantile Online Support, Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm at 800.453.8700. Trusteer also offers a 24-hour customer support center at https://www.trusteer.com/support/report-problem.

You will be prompted to download Trusteer Rapport after you enter your login credentials when logging in to Internet Banking.

Mercantile Bank of Michigan is not affiliated with Trusteer, Inc. and is not responsible for and does not guarantee the content, services or operation of Trusteer, Inc.'s Rapport. Trusteer is solely responsible for customer service support and the performance and maintenance of Trusteer Rapport. Questions or concerns should be directed to support@Trusteer.com.