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MercMobile® Text Banking Guide

Using the Text Messaging Functionality

Send a text message command to 226563. Mercantile will respond with the result.

The <account identifier> is the entire account number or a nickname (e.g.; checking). The nickname is not case sensitive and must be the ENTIRE name of the account. If you have more than one account with the same name, you will receive requested information for the top account only.

NOTE: Standard text messaging fees may apply.

In order to use Text Banking, you must first enable it within Internet Banking.

  • Go to Settings and Text Enrollment
  • Move the tab to On
  • Enter your mobile number in the space provided
  • Select the box to Agree to the Terms
  • Save

Balance Inquiry

  • Request available balances for the top 3 accounts on your profile: BALANCE, BAL or B
  • Request available balance for a specified account: BALANCE <account identifier>

Sample Response:

From MercMobile
MercMobile Banking:
Checking: 790.86


Request the last three transactions that have hard posted to a specified account:

  • TRANSACTIONS <account identifier>
  • STATEMENT <account identifier>
  • HISTORY <account identifier>
  • RECENT <account identifier>
  • LOG <account identifier>

Sample Response:

From MercMobile
MercMobile Banking:
05Jun ATM 80.00
11Jun Check 248.65
13Jun Deposit 1,000.00

Funds Transfer

Transfer money from one specified account to another specified account:

TRANSFER FROM <account identifier> TO <account identifier>
Example: TRANSFER 10.00 FROM checking TO savings

Sample Response:

From: MercMobile
MercMobile Banking:
$10.00 transferred from
checking to savings


You can request help at any time by sending the text message "HELP" to 226563 or call 800.453.8700 during normal business hours.

Disable Mobile Access

To opt-out of Mercantile Mobile Banking:

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT