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Mercantile Online Banking Help Desk

Business Users

Business User Guides and Quick Reference Guides:

Privacy & Security

Business customers interested in enrolling for internet banking, please call Online Support at 800.453.8700 during normal business hours.

Funds Manager

When Funds Manager items have been processed the following will be displayed under the Funds Manager Total:

  • Funds Manager Total: Greater than 0 (ex. $10.00) = This tells you the total of all Funds Manager Checks for that account. To calculate the end of day balance, you need to take the 'Available Balance' minus the 'Funds Manger Total'.
  • Funds Manager Total: Equals $0.00 = This tells you that you do not have Funds Manager checks for this account today.
  • Funds Manager Total: N/A = This is displayed on all accounts before Funds Manager is updated. This will also be displayed if you do not have Funds Manager access for your accounts.

Contact Us for More Information

Contact the Internet Banking support hotline 8:00am - 6:00pm Monday through Friday,
9:00am - 1:00pm Saturday:
toll-free 800.453.8700