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personal payments

Merc Personal Payments

powered by PayPal™

What if you could easily and safely pay anyone, anytime, anywhere? Owe someone money and forgot your checkbook? Don't have any cash with no ATM nearby? Don't want to provide your personal banking information? No problem - if you have someone´s email address or cell phone number, you can now send them money quickly and securely with Merc Personal (P2P) Payments.

What is Merc Personal Payments?

Merc P2P is the ability via Mercantile Online Banking to make payments anytime, anywhere via the convenience of your phone, tablet, or desktop. All you need is the recipient´s email address or cell phone number, no exchange of personal banking information is required. Once you send the payment, the recipient receives a text message and/or email confirming receipt of the funds. The service is powered by PayPal™, a payments network with over 78 million users worldwide. Mercantile Bank of Michigan was the first bank in the U.S. to offer this mobile payments platform using PayPal™.

Why would I use MercMobile Personal Payments?

Paying via the Merc P2P is instant and easy for anything "on the go" or "spur of the moment" - no need to find an ATM, no hassling with checks. So the possibilities are unlimited. Some common needs might be:

  • Split the tab at the restaurant/bar
  • Pay the babysitter, lawn service, house cleaner, etc.
  • Collect funds for causes - charitable donations, going in together on baby shower gifts, etc.
  • Purchases at garage sales, craft shows, eBay, home parties (candles, kitchenware, jewelry, etc.)
  • Pay the kids (at college, allowances, at the mall, etc.)

How much does it cost?

Merc Personal Payments is free.

How do I sign up?

All Mercantile Online Banking users will automatically have access to Merc Personal Payments. No PayPal™ account is required for Mercantile users to send money.

How does it work?

1. Select Menu, Transactions, P2P by PayPal.

list of accounts

2. Enter info and choose account.

personal payments

3. Submit!


*Access to MercMobile® Personal Payments requires an active Mercantile Internet Banking profile. The service will be terminated if Internet Banking is deactivated.