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Positive Pay

Check fraud is one of the largest challenges facing businesses today. Advancements in technology are making it easier than ever to produce authentic-looking counterfeit checks.

Fortunately, Mercantile Positive Pay provides you with a convenient, cost-effective way to help prevent check fraud losses.

Online Review of Suspect Items

Through a continuously updated issue file, Mercantile Bank is able to identify potentially fraudulent checks (suspect items) and present them for your viewing on a daily basis. You then decide whether the bank should go ahead and pay or return the suspect items.

Positive Pay can streamline your exception processing because you use Internet Banking to transmit your issue file to Mercantile before you release any checks. It also simplifies account reconciliation since all unmatched items are examined daily instead of waiting until month-end.

Payee Match

Payee Match is an added feature that provides another level of defense against check fraud by verifying the payee name and address.

Do You Need Positive Pay?

Business of all types and sizes can benefit from Positive Pay, but it's particularly beneficial for companies that:
  • Write more than 400-500 checks each month
  • Have an employee or vendor base that changes frequently
  • Want to increase internal controls
  • Have experienced past check fraud

ACH Notification

Unauthorized electronic transactions are a common concern for business owners. Mercantile Bank’s ACH Notification service provides a great solution. Your company creates and manages an approved list of
entities which are permitted to debit its’ account and each morning we present you a list of transactions that are not on your approved list. The decision to pay or return the item that day is yours. If your business needs change, you can always adjust your pre-approved list.