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Lockbox Services

If your company receives payments by mail, you can take advantage of our Lockbox Services. Lockbox streamlines your accounts receivable processing and frees your staff for more productive tasks.

Your customers mail their payments to a P.O. Box in your name, we pick up the payments, process them, and credit your business account. Deposits are made promptly, cash flow is accelerated and your need for expensive remittance processing technology is eliminated. Lockbox also reduces mail delivery time, processing time and check collection float.


For businesses with a high volume of payments, Mercantile can provide an electronic data transmission of postings along with online images of checks and remittance documents for streamlined integration into your organizations accounting system.

For businesses with a lower volume of payments we can provide information to assist you with managing your remittance information via email, online, or through an electronic posting file along with images of checks and remittance information online.