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Treasury Management Solutions

We know how business works - and we know a comprehensive, integrated approach to treasury and trade activities can make your business work better. We offer a full range of products and services designed for businesses that want the ability to move their assets easily and gain ready access to financial information.


Remote Deposit Capture

Empowers your business to scan and deposit checks online, collect funds faster, store electronic check images, export information for posting to your accounting system and minimize deposit preparation time.

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Deposit to and make payments from any financial institution using the nationwide ACH network. Utilizing pre-authorized electronic transactions saves time and money compared to paper-based methods.

Merchant Services

We bring you state-of-the-art payment processing solutions for all major credit cards and debit cards. Our flexible solutions integrate with many different types of equipment - often your existing equipment - to facilitate such tasks as website payment processing.


Streamline your accounts receivable process by employing Mercantile to collect and process customer payments. We use advanced technology to speed processing, and funds are automatically routed into your Mercantile account to expand your usable cash and help you better manage your cash flow.

Customer Payments Portal

Mercantile Bank's Customer Payments Portal (CPP) now makes it easier than ever for businesses, non-profits, and other organizations to accept online payments and donations via their website.


ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Deposit to and make payments from any financial institution using the nationwide ACH network. Utilizing pre-authorized electronic transactions saves time and money compared to paper-based methods.

Visa Business Credit Card

Primarily used for business expenses, this card offers a revolving line of credit plus additional benefits that help your business manage a variety of expenses and payment situations.

Business Checking Accounts

Mercantile Bank offers several types of checking accounts for all of your banking needs.

Web Based Wire Origination

Manage and control incoming and outgoing wires, without making a trip to the bank.

Cash Flow Management

Loan Sweep

Ideal for businesses that utilize a line of credit in their daily operations and need an investment option for excess funds. This time and money-saving tool examines your company's checking account(s) and applies excess funds toward the principal balance on your line of credit, saving you substantial interest.

Commercial Investment Checking (Sweep)

Allows your company to maximize the daily financial value of your corporate cash flow. At the end of every business day, funds linked to your investment account are automatically transferred (swept) into a repurchase account.* Transfer confirmations are sent to you each day.

*the Repurchase account is Not FDIC Insured, not guaranteed by Mercantile Bank, and may lose value.

Information Reporting

Balance Reporting

View account balances, create custom reports and download transaction data to your accounting system.

Stop Payments

View the status of your checks and place and cancel stop payments - online, in real time.

Book transfers

Go online to securely move funds between your Mercantile Bank accounts.

Account Reconciliation

An automated method of balancing your corporate account daily, weekly or monthly.

Electronic Statements and Check Images

Instantly access your checking account and save valuable time during account reconciliation.

Transaction History

View all transactions associated with your accounts for up to 90 days.

Funds Manager

Provides daily notification of check amounts posted to your account by the Federal Reserve. This eliminates the time you previously spent estimating the balances needed in your account to cover checks presented for payment, or determining available balances for same-day investment.

Positive Pay

Minimizes fraud by comparing cleared checks against an electronic list of checks previously authorized and issued by your business, including payee name. This reduces losses due to forged or washed checks.

ACH Notification

Unauthorized electronic transactions are a common concern for business customers. Mercantile Bank's ACH Notification service provides the solution for this challenge. Your company creates and manages an approved list of entities which are permitted to debit itsí account. Any transaction that has not been pre-approved will be presented to your company in the morning to be reviewed and decisioned. The customer has the ability to decide whether the item should be paid or returned that day. Additional entities can be added to the approved listing as business needs change.