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Insight makes it easier

Mercantile Payroll offers an entire suite of management tools that empower you to do more than you ever have before. Efficient, fast and straight forward, our payroll tools are designed for busy business people like you who want to spend more time running your business, not more time letting your business run you.

Labor Distribution and Job Costing

  • Allocate labor, deductions and taxes based on your operating environment. Popular options include a combination of: divisions, departments, cost centers, projects or jobs
  • Dynamic labor reports delivered per payroll, monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Labor summary by operating structure and by employee
  • Permanently allocate a percentage of hours and pay or track it each payroll by actual worked labor
  • Prevailing wage tracking and reporting

Report Building

  • Electronic report delivery and archival access to past reports
  • Easy to use web-based report writer
  • Popular export options to Excel, CSV, Word, PDF

General Ledger

  • Comprehensive reports break down labor, wages, deductions, taxes and third party payments into your own accounts for posting to the General Ledger
  • Interfaces are available to most popular accounting software
  • Direct QuickBooks interface offered through online web access