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Business Loans

We know how business works, and we know that appropriate financing is critical to the growth of any business.

Local Decision-making

Because Mercantile is locally chartered and controlled, all decisions are made right here, not in some headquarters three states away. You get your answers fast, so you can take advantage of opportunities when they're hot.

Experienced Lenders

Decisions are made by experienced commercial lenders who know you, your business and the local economy. "They know as much about my industry as I do,' says one Mercantile customer. "They're a business partner more than a bank," says another.

Tailored For Your Business

Our lenders are able to look behind the numbers and beyond the obvious to accurately gauge the true potential of your venture. Their insight gives rise to tailor-made loan packages that are creative, flexible and sophisticated.

SBA Loans

We frequently use Small Business Administration financing options as a tool in structuring a commercial loan commitment. Call us to explore whether an SBA loan is right for your business.