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Business Checking Accounts

Mercantile Bank offers several types of checking accounts for all of your business needs.

All of our checking accounts include:

  • Minimum opening deposit of $50
  • ATM and Debit Cards
  • Remote Deposit Capture Services to deposit checks electronically.
  • MercMobile® gives you the freedom to access account information and transfer money, all from your mobile phone or other mobile device.
  • Check Manager provides a variety of check imaging options.

Mercantile Business Checking Account Options

Account Type Description Minimum Balance Fees Interest

Small Business Checking

This account features a low opening balance and offers great features for the small business. $500.00 average monthly balance. $7.50 monthly maintenance fee is waived if you maintain an average monthly balance of $500.00 or enroll in estatements. No activity fee if less than 150 items per statement cycle. N/A

Smart Business Checking

A great combination of convenience and value for businesses with low to moderate transaction volume. Daily balance of $2,500, average available balance of $5,000 or at least ten debit card purchase transactions to avoid a monthly maintenance fee. $10 monthly maintenance fee is waived if you maintain one of the minimum balance requirements or if you have at least 10 debit card purchase transactions post to the account. No activity fee if less than 200 paper items per statement cycle - electronic items are unlimited. N/A

Business Analysis Checking

Ideal for handling basic business needs with a low opening deposit, no minimum balance and an earnings credit that helps offset monthly service charges. No minimum balance required. Monthly maintenance fee and activity fees apply. N/A

Business Interest Checking

An interest bearing checking account designed to meet the needs of businesses looking to make the most of their account balances. No minimum balance is required. Monthly maintenance fee and activity fees apply. Yes

Business Net Interest Checking

An interest bearing checking account for businesses looking to offset fees with any excess to be paid as interest. No minimum balance is required. Monthly maintenance fee and activity fees apply. Yes

IOLTA Interest Checking

IOLTA (Interest On Lawyers Trust Accounts) are specifically designed for deposits held on behalf of clients. No minimum balance is required. N/A Yes

Non-Profit Checking

An account designed for the unique needs of registered non-profit organizations with low to moderate transaction volume. No minimum balance is required. No monthly maintenance fee. The first 300 paper-based transactions are free. N/A

Business Investment Checking

For businesses that maintain an average balance of more than $250,000 and are looking for the additional security provided by pledged collateral with the funds swept into their Mercantile Repurchase account. No minimum balance is required. Monthly maintenance fee and activity fees apply.

N/A, Must have a Business Repurchase Account in conjunction with the Business Investment Checking Account.

Repurchase Account

Daily "sweep" of excess available funds from your checking account into a one-day repurchase agreement earning competitive interest rates. Earnings accrue daily and are credited monthly. $250,000 A $95 minimum balance fee will be assessed if your minimum balance drops below $250,000 each statement cycle.

Not FDIC Insured, not guaranteed by Mercantile Bank, and may lose value.

Disclosure: Additional fees may apply. Account terms are subject to change.

Mercantile Check Manager

The easier way to keep track of canceled checks. Check Manager is a convenient way to receive images of all your canceled checks — in printed format, on CD-ROM disk, or via the Internet. Each version includes a front and back view of each check you've written. Checks are conveniently sorted in check number order, so finding a specific image is a breeze.

CD-ROM Images
If you write a large volume of checks, you may elect to receive check images on CD-ROM disk in addition to or in place of printed images. CD-ROM disks include built-in viewing and search tools.

Internet Images
You may also choose to access check images via the Internet and print them yourself — anytime and anyplace.

Printed Images
You tell us the number of checks you want displayed per page, and we neatly print them on 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper — ideal for storage in binders or folders. We deliver these check images along with your monthly statement.


  • Easier to store: no more file drawers bulging with individual cancelled checks.
  • Easier to reconcile: each check image includes the date the check was posted, the check number and the amount of the check.
  • Easier to research: your Mercantile representative can review checks over the phone with you, in real time. If you need a copy of any check we have processed — mid-month, perhaps — it can be made available almost immediately. Copies can be picked up, faxed or mailed the same day.
  • Easier to prove you paid for something: imaged checks are fully accepted by the IRS and in a court of law.
  • Easier to prepare income taxes: checking account records are easily accessed and logically organized.
  • Easier to afford: Pricing varies from no charge to a nominal fee, based on the level of service you require.